Association of mentors



Access to our personal therapy sessions designed to help you work through emotional trauma and hurts that could prevent you from moving on. These are extremely confidential sessions between you and our therapist. 


You have access to the special discounted fee of 10% on any course that’s not specific to your membership.

We celebrate achievements of those who have excelled whilst with us at our annual BWSE achievers Awards event. We also give you 1   FREE ticket to a bring guest. Event date TBC  2022 (due toCOVID Restrictions). (Skilled Seasoned subscribers receive more tickets)

  • Kingdom citizenship*
  • Mentee Training
  • Intercessors Training
  • Prophetic Training


These courses are mandatory for all our trainee members  and are self study based. 

*If you have already done a discipleship course elsewhere, just produce your certificate and you will only need to do our one assignment to demonstrate your understanding. 

There will be times in the year when interactive webinars will take place for specific lessons of these courses. This is not mandatory but will be beneficial to attend as you will have a chance to ask questions and interact with others and participate in lively debate/discussion.

You will have private access to all our interactive training workshops running throughout the year. Even if you are out of the uk, you can join us via our webinar platform.

You will have private access to membership specific blogs and audios  created by BWSE to inspire and motivate you along your journey with us. 


As a trainee, you are expected to journal on 20 of our audio sermons based online. this helps us to understand what level of knowledge you already have and help us pitch the training to accommodate your spiritual development. 

You will have access to private mentoring sessions with Adel & Jen (This is only available to Skilled/Seasoned members only)

You will have opportunities to speak at our conferences, events, and meetings and so improve your speaker skills. (Available to skilled/seasoned members only)

You will have opportunities to mentors others who are trainees members whether it be vocational or spiritual (Available to skilled/seasoned members only)

You will have access to preferential seating at our conferences and main events.

We are passionate about your self-development and growth. In order for us to monitor this, we have set up reflective journalling for you to do on our sermons, workshops, SPSS sessions, Course etc. Reflective journalling is a way to recollect your thoughts and feelings on a matter and to articulate them in a structure and cohesive manner so that cognitive and behavioural changes can be explored and realised. most of our sermons are not only audio but have a transcript alongside it for you to read. 

Intercessors Coalition

For Born-again Christians who want to develop themselves in the forgotten art of Intercessory prayer to impact Heavens agenda.

Council of Prophetic People

For Born-again Christians who feel that they have a prophetic gifting or ministry. They  understand the importance of training & development to ensure they are excellent stewards of this mantle or gifting. 

Association of Mentors

for people from all walks of life that need training in mentoring skills to enable them to make a real difference to ‘mentees’ that come their way. Available to non-christians also.

You will always start off as trainee which will involve:

  • submitting 20 self- reflection journals,
  • Completing SPSS talk therapy sessions
  • Attending some subscriber workshops (+homework)
  • Completing our Kingdom Citizenship Course, prophetic course (L1), intercessor Cours(L1), mentee course (L1)  

You will be expected to study hard so this requires a level of discipline in your time management and study skills. We are not expecting you to be a disciplined person overnight, but it will be an important part of your training so that you acquire and strengthen this skill. 

As you demonstrate commitment to learning and development, we will review  this to see if you are ready for the next stage of training in which we call it ‘skilled’ and the ‘seasoned’. 


Payment of £21 is made on the first month and then £9 monthly via our secure Paypal account.

Once you have paid, you will be given login details. this will then give you access to your members page showing the benefits and access to them


We believe in the principle of starting from the beginning with all that subscribe to us so you will always start as a TRAINEE. We are diligent to upgrade those whom we believe are ready to do so. this is done with carefully thought, assessment of progress and prayer.  This is to protect what God is doing in you and through you to come to fruition in His right season and timing.  

No! You will only pay the same amount every year regardless of your upgrade to skilled or seasoned.


Yes, we welcome you! Most of our contact and platforms are online and when we want to interact with you, we use our webinar platforms and old fashioned phone calls! So no matter how near or far you may reside, as long as you can get internet access, we can connect with you.

You can email us on or use our Contact us page to leave your enquiry and we will contact you. .

We have a variety of benefits that are added to you as a skilled or seasoned member. More discounts, more access to opportunities that demonstrate your ability to responsible. Check out the ‘benefits’ to see what is accessed when upgraded.

Yes! it’s up to you to decide which one is right  for you. We recommend that you subscribe to the one that you need to get to grips with and as you grow, you can review the possibility of adding another membership to your belt.

Benefits to signing up as a: TRAINEE